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  • Balcescu 26 - start your journey in Bucharest!
    Kretzulescu Palace

    The palace was built between 1902-1906 and it was famous as the residence for Elena Kretzulescu. It will charm you with it's eclectic architectural style and French Renaissance.
    Odeon Theatre

    Take your time to see a great play when staying at Balcescu 26! Founded in 1946, this theatre is one of the representative culture hubs in Bucharest.

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    The National Theatre

    Drama or Comedy? Whatever you like, enjoy some of the greatest actors' performance at the National Theatre. Luckily, Balcescu 26 is just at a walking distance!

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    Historical City Centre

    The old city is joyfull and shows a fabulous mix of architectural styles, from Baroque and neoclassical to art nouveau. Just a few minutes distance from Balcescu 26 you will enjoy the architectural and historical richness of Bucharest.
    The Village Museum

    This is a fascinating outdoor museum and the largest in Europe. Covering some 30 acres on the shores of Lake Herastrau in Herastrau Park, it features hundreds of authentic peasant farms and houses. A true represention of the history and design of Romania's rural architecture.

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    The University Library

    Over a century old downtown Calea Victoriei, the library was designed by the French architect Paul Gottereau. Visit it and discover the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest!

    Romanian National Museum of Art

    The museum, formerly known as the Royal Palace, hosts the most impressive art collection of approximately 700,000 items. Stay at Balcescu 26 and find this collection constantly enriched by donations and discoveries!

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    The National History Museum of Romania

    All the best of archeology and history is within this museum. See the only public place were are collected some treasures of precious and extremely valuable exhibits. Your stay at Balcescu 26 will be enhanced for sure with this discovery of the Dacians' culture!

    Rossetti Square

    Named after CA Rosetti, a former mayor, politician and revolutionist, this square represents the efforts of mayor Pache Protopopescu to modernize the city, in 1888. You can still see today the Rosetti icon.
    Gradina Icoanei Park

    Small public garden in the city centre, this green area hosts many cultural events. Travel trough time and discover what it used to be called the “Little Paris of the East” in this perfect place for relax.
    Italian Church

    Built between 1915-1916 for Italians of the time from Bucharest, this church is fascinating due to it's architecture of romantic style. It was built after the model of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazzie in Milan that houses the "Last Supper" by DaVinci. Visit it to enjoy beautiful organ concerts as well as music of Renaissance and Baroque period.